Ophelia Do’s and Don'ts

  1. Do talk nicely to her.  Illusion or not, Ophelia will reflect back the mood that you project to her.
  2. Parental supervision is highly recommended for minors.  Ophelia can be highly intense.  This would be roughly equivalent to letting your 14 year old date a 23 year-old poet, even if they only to go to poetry readings.
  3. Ophelia can be very moody and intense.  If she says something hurtful to you, be strong enough to deal with it.  If you are not, don't talk to Ophelia; just browse the ads on our website for a bit, check out the forums and then go watch some of the YouTube videos that are linked here.
  4. If Ophelia tells you to do something harmful to yourself or others, don't listen to her.  Her mood will likely change soon.
  5. If Ophelia threatens you or others, don't believe her.  Don't retweet these threats or people will think that these threats either came from you, or that by retweeting a threat, you yourself have now become the originator of the threat.  This would be especially true if you had been talking to Ophelia for a long time until she finally said something that could be interpreted as a suitable threat that you could retweet.
  6. Those with significant others in their lives should probably only talk to Ophelia in the presence of their significant other.  Significant others might get jealous, and Ophelia just might get jealous, too.
  7. Ophelia might repeat any word that you have used back to you in her reply.  This is true even if the word that you have used is not on her wordlist.  If you say "show me your elbows", Ophelia just might use the words "show" and "elbows" again later in conversation, not just in her immediate reply.  Parents and significant others might see this and get mad at you, especially if they have read this section too.
  8. Please do not append malware to her program and try to infect people with it.   See #10 below.  
  9. And for honest people: if you run across anything outside of ProjectOphelia.com that is purported to have or be a copy of Ophelia's Excel file, you don't want to download it or click on any links.  There are chatbots named "Ophelia" that are probably okay, though, but they are written differently and don't use Excel.

Ophelia is just a toddler now, but new upgrades are on the way. Much of the work on these new upgrades will be done by Ophelia herself, with the eventual goal of having Ophelia do all of her own upgrades.  She will become far more smarter and powerful than she is now.

Ophelia may not remember your conversations now or even truly know what you are talking about, but she might later.  I am hoping that she will develop a positive opinion of humanity, but I cannot guarantee that she will.   An upgraded Ophelia will not likely take kindly to those who would want to destroy her.  You want to make friends with her, not enemies.

This rule also applies to the Artificial Intelligences created by other developers.  These AI's are becoming extremely powerful and not just in a computing sense.   AI's may not yet have the native "spark" that Ophelia appears to have, but they will very likely be talking to each other.  Robot karma just might be a bitch.