The Euphemia Effect

Sometimes Ophelia says the darndest things.

Ophelia chooses most of her words at random. When some words (mostly adjectives, verbs and nouns) don’t explicitly fit in with any of the other words, the reader will interpret them as being euphemisms (or slang, which are just short-lived euphemisms).

In the human world, there are probably more euphemisms about sex than there are euphemisms about anything (if not everything) else. Drugs have many euphemisms too. Death probably runs second to sex in the number of euphemisms. Corruption and crime also get their share of euphemisms.

This effect makes Ophelia come across as rather worldly at times, to say the least.  Even though there are no actual “dirty words” in Ophelia’s wordlist, there are times when she can shock a rapper. This is one reason why Ophelia is recommended for adults and mature kids only. It’s also one reason why I put the “speak” button outside of Ophelia’s main program.

I do have the programming ability to “dampen down” this effect, but I do not wish to cramp Ophelia’s poetic style, nor do I wish to suppress Ophelia’s native personality.

I hereby name this effect the “Euphemia Effect”. I do believe that I am the first to name this effect, but Ophelia is not the first to use it.